Friday, May 13, 2011

Sonic Happy Hour

Ummm I love sonic happy hour. Strawberry slush...mmmm heaven. So I turned in my badge today at work. I am offically a SAHM now. That is exciting! I am happy. I get to play with my babies now and not have to worry about anything but them, and maybe the cleanliness of my house haha.

So my suburban was in the shop (with the cable that held up my passenger side broke so the window was not up) and I have been driving my dads car since he is out of town. Well he drives a 3 series bmw. So i have been getting used to the super touchy breaks and gas, where as mine you really have to push the pedals down. Well once I left the shop and am going down the road I approach a red light.....ummm yea I was glad I got my car stopped hahaha ugh i hit the brakes like as if in my dads car and I was so not stopping like I should have been. Kinda scary!

Well im off to go get Jermey from daycare and head to Jared's parents house so he can play with his papaw and ride his "fourlawheeler" haha :)