Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Late Night

So I am still up, Jackson just finished eating and is now asleep, Jeremy is probably still awake....he fell asleep at 730 and woke up at 11....yikes. I am in bed but am still awake. I am actually chatting with the bestie via bbm while I type this.

I am getting excited for Jared and I's weekend getaway for our 5 year anniversary! Were going to Galveston again. We like going, plus its close and we are staying at the Hotel Galvez this year. I think I'm going to get another tattoo and my nose pierced. I've always wanted my nose done, but due to where I worked I could'nt get it done, so now that I am at home I am getting it done. So excited! Jared is probably getting another tattoo too. Ill keep you posted on what we end up getting.

Well I guess I will go and try to fall asleep. Nite Nite.