Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So I made a roast for dinner tonight, it ended up being really good. I am proud of myself.

Today was long. I woke up, had coffee, took Jeremy to day care, came home and put all of the roast stuff in the crockpot, took a shower, got ready, fed Jackson, went to my cardiologist appointment, went the the hospital to visit my father in law, fed Jackson twice while there, went to pick up Jeremy, came home and put laundry in dryer, fed Jackson, ate, and now am sitting here. I still have things I could do, but I dont feel like it. Maybe I will gorge myself on some icecream.... sounds like a plan.

**funny thing that happend while waiting in the cardiologist waiting room. Jackson had woken up and was talking and smiling.....then all of a sudden he lets out a long and loud fart...i mean long!!! Then he smiles. The lady next to me laughed. He did it again a little while later. Of course the other people waiting just look over at me... ok people he is a baby and cant help it.... haha it was funny though.