Thursday, May 26, 2011

I think I can, I think I can ... I know I can

So breastfeeding has been an adventure. When I go pregnant with my first son, I had wanted to breastfeed. After I had him, they had to take him to the nursery due to heart decels. Once I got him no one was there to help me. I asked three different times for help and no one came. It did not help that I was at a hospital that most of the lower class went to so they were occupied with the 14 other woman having babies that day. I am pretty sure my doctor had to deliver a 14 year olds baby right after me..... Anyways so of course they took him and gave him formula right away. With that happening and me being young and not knowing what to do, my breastfeeding adventure with him lasted only 3 weeks.

When I got pregnant this time, I knew I wanted to breastfeed again. Luckily my OB office went under their own managment and had rights to different hospitals. I did my research and picked the one that was most supportive of natural birth as well as breastfeeding. They were actually happy to get a natural birth, since most woman opted for drugs (I am not against drugs.. I just cant get an epi due to my scoliosis so I have no choice). Plus they assured me that they promote breastfeeding and have a lc on staff, plus most nurses have training and will be able to help me.

After I had Jackson and it was time for him to eat the first time, he latched on no problem. After a few visits from the lc she said he was a great sucker and doing well. I felt great about this. We had a few times of struggle, but he was doing great. My nipples were sore but nothng unbearable. Once I got home, though my nipples got very angry and cracked and bleedy. Oh dear god it was horrible. I would cry when he would latch on. At one point I wanted to give up, but my mother was there and said it will get better and to keep at it. I seriously did not want to listen since it hurt so bad. I did though and to my surprise it got better. I would pump too to give my nipples a break and that really helped too. I gave Jackson bottles that I pumped and thankfully he never got nipple confusion or refused to nurse. He likes to nurse. He also never had a problem with weight gain either, which my pedi is happy about. She is actually shocked about his progress since he is a breastfed baby. She is very supportive which is a great motivator.

I have recently hit a snag in my adventure. This past weekend was my husband and I's 5th wedding anniversary, and we had a weekend away. I took my pump so I could still breastfeed once I got home. It went fine, but on monday night my nipples hurt when he latched on. At first I thought it was a clogged milk duct, but my whole boob didnt hurt, nor did it feel hot or have a lump. Then maybe thrush or a clogged nipple duct. I went to my general practitioner today and she looked at them, and of course they looked fine. She said it could have been from using the pump over the weekend, since I dont use it all the time, it could have bruised them a little. If it gets worse then call back. Well I get home and pull out the boob that I showed her and my nipple is now angry and bleedy. Seriously? It looked fine at the doctor. I am still nursing and putting the lanolin on religiously. I hope it will be ok. I am still going strong and hope to keep at it as long as I can. I am just glad to have made it to the 3 month marker.