Sunday, May 15, 2011

Angry eyes

Ok, so today we went grocery shopping. Of course we let the fridge and pantry get naked, so I know this is going to be  alot. $282 later, we come home and unload everything. We ate some sushi that we got from the store, kinda passed out on the couch, and then we head to my moms house in Houston. Ok I love going to visit and all, but there is something in that house that makes my allergies go freakin crazy. I dont know what it is either. My mom is the clean freak type, so its not that her house is dirty or anything. Also we both have pomeranians so it cant be that. I have no clue. Well today it was horrible. My throat got itchy, then my nose got stuffy and I was sneezing. Then it went to my eyes. My god my eyes were burning. They were so itchy and got all blood shot. They looked liked had been taken hits from a water bong all afternoon. It was bad. So we left, and the drive home was just as bad, but once I got home it settled down.

I did a load of laundry, ate some Ice cream and now am about to go to bed. Until next time!