Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 Things You Probably Shouldn't Know About Me

1. I chew on ice like a crazy person. I have since I was a child... it kinda drives people nuts when I am on a chewing rampage.

2. I have 6 tattoos... and they are an addiction.

3. No matter how bad I want a super clean house, it will never happen. With me being the only girl, and a dog that uses the house as his personal bathroom...it just isn't possible.

4. My clothing attire as of late has been cotton shorts and a nursing bra. Unless I have to go somewhere then I will put clothes on.

5. I am addicted to social media, wether it be via facebook, twitter or blogging. I wish I had an ipad or tablet so it could be with me at all times on a larger screen other then my blackberry.

6. An other new addiction is cloth diapering... I want to keep buying more.. even though I dont need any really.... its bad... #shoppingproblem!!!!

7. I wish I could have been able to finish college.

8. I love biscuits and gravy...but seriously hate them since they are the reason why I gained 60lbs the first two years of college.

9. I wish Vin Diesel would steal me away and do dirty things to me...hahahahaha

10. I kind of want an other baby close to Jackson...but no that is crazy.. I think its just because I want a water birth...and a girl.

What are your 10 things?

I got this blog idea from Tales From the Nursery!!!! Now its your turn!! DO IT :)