Friday, May 13, 2011

Adventures with 3 kids

So since blogger was down yesturday, this is what happened: I finally got the floors done!! YAY! I did the vaccuming and Jared did the mopping. So now they are not super nasty!!! It finally rained here which is wonderful! There were cracks in the ground it was so dry. Then my friend Heather and I went to @NurturedFamily to get some supplies. We took my two babies and her daughter. It was an adventure. We had fun though. Jeremy was such a good boy (thank goodness) and Jackson had his moment of crying, but he was fine. Heather's litte girl is just so cute and Jemrey liked her, even though he said she shared to much haha.

One of the thing I bought was a new breastfeeding pillow.

Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow

I love love love it. It is so much better then the boppy. I still like the boppy but not for bfing. I am just so happy about the pillow. :)