Saturday, May 14, 2011


So I am driving home from the inlaws and of course Jackson has to cry the whole way home. Jeremy tones it out and is playing with a toy. I am trying to go as fast as I can cause I think my boobs were going to explode from him crying for so long :/ anyways right before I got home, there must have been a skunk dead on the road and I passed it. All of a sudden Jeremy goes "Momma oh my gosh something smells! It must be a skunk and you ran over it!" I'm laughing and I say,"No it was next to the car, you would know if I ran it over because it would smell way worse." I told him about a time when I did run one over and that I almost threw up in the car it was so bad. He says, "Oh no momma that would be nasty!" Hahaha "Yes baby It would be" hahahaha oh he makes me laugh!

Sidebar- it is 1230 and both babies are still awake! Ugh! Well Jackson is now dozing off and Jeremy is in his bed, but that doesn't mean he is falling asleep. He is such a night owl, and it didn't help that I was up with Jackson, becaue he wants to be up too. :/