Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 2 of the #flatschallenge

Ok so today, I washed :) It was not that bad. I rinsed with cold water, washed with hot, then rinsed again in cold. I then took them outside to sun. They dried very fast. I told my husband that I felt rustic. HAHA! He just laughed at me. Here are the diapers on the line:

I have not had one leak yet. I also have not had a poo today yet either. I am waiting for that. The flats are actually not a bad diapering choice. I had never used one before the challenge and I am glad I am participating to experience this! The flats are an easy choice on a small budget and you can even use receiving blankets (which I have been using some! )

I also used a flat overnight! It worked good! I usually have a very heavy wetter, and while yes it was super wet, it had not leaked yet. Great job flats!