Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 1 of the #flatschallenge

So today is day one of the second annual flats challenge. I was lucky not to have a poopy diaper. His diaper from last night was a poopy so that worked in my favor. I did not have any leaks, and honestly doing the folds are not that difficult. I love the Origami fold by the way.
I will wash tomorrow, so I will update you all on how that goes then. I am not sure how that will be done yet. I was thinking of filling the washer with water and doing it that way. I dont know if that is  cheating or not since it wont be on, and i will be the agitator and washer and what not. I would do it in my sink if I had a stopper (it broke a year or so ago and I never got a new one :/ )
I do have to say that today was a bit of a fail, only because today is my husband and I's anniversary and while we went out to lunch, my sister in law watched him and he was in a regular cloth diaper for her. I left him in a flat but she changed him into a pocket. I did not expect her to do the flats lol! While I was home he did do the flats though :)