Sunday, April 15, 2012


So since I now made this blog private, and for a good reason, I can announce that we are officially trying for our last baby. We are starting now since it did take a while to get pregnant with Jackson. We are starting earlier then we had planned, but after my chemical pregnancy in March, that really got us in to ttc. Jared really was the one that was gung ho into it! :) Well this is cycle #2 that I am on and I am about to ovulate alot earlier then last cycle. I am on CD 10 right now and I got a near positive opk today. I dont know if its the breastfeeding that is throwing off the cycles that much or what, but we shall see what will happen. I am now going to try and update this blog on our journey of ttc and if I get pregnant, that too :) I cant wait to see what tomorrows opk does! I added todays opk for your viewing!