Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today's adventures....

So today we get up and get ready to go to Nikkis house so I can help her put snaps on diapers. We get in the car and my tire is low.....still....after I told Jared to fix it...which he didn't. So I go to Needville, pick up breakfast tacos because we were starving lol and then go to the inlaws so I could get air in my tires. Then we were at Nikkis for a few hours. Then I went the the bank, and Jeremy noticed a snow cube stand earlier, so we stopped there. Mmmmmm it was good. It had been a very long time since I had had one. Jeremy had a great idea to stop lol. Then we went to the inlaws. Had dinner, watched some tv, went back to nikkis so Jeremy and Maci could play since she was now home from school. Then we came home. :)

On a ttc update, opk was super light. Ugh so angry at my ovaries for tricking me. We shall see what happens. Two ladies get a bfp today in one of my mommy groups. I'm super excited for them but wish I was joining them too.