Thursday, March 22, 2012

I feel awful!!

I have not posted since last year and I feel horrible about it!!! So much has happened in that time that there is no way I could type it all now. Jackson is now 1. Jeremy is to smart for his own good. LOL Jared and I are doing great! I have more to elaborate on that, but I will do that in another post. My Thirty One business is doing wonderful. I am thinking of adding another direct sales company under my belt. I am meeting with a lady on Friday about Jewel Kade, and another lady is mailing me information on Origami Owl. I am excited. I have a craft show on Saturday that I am doing for my "boss" with Thirty One, since she is busy. We have lunch at Grandma Graeber's on Sunday. Bible study Wednesday. Possibly getting me a new specific date.. sp wow busy!! That isn't even all of it. I will try my hardest to keep posting regularly on here now, Its nice to have records of things that happen. :) Well it is 2 AM and I am going to try to fall asleep now! Talk to you soon!!