Sunday, June 19, 2011

To my Daddy

I wish you a very happy father's day. I love you very much. You have always been the reasonable one and the one that held your own when I got a little crazy. You never put fuel to the fire and I so thank you for that. I respect you to the highest regard. We have never been the lovey type which is alright with me because I know its there with out having to be said. (except that one time you were in Orlando I think and you called to me to tell me you love me cause a hurricane was hitting there... yea I am pretty sure I cried when the phone cut out cause I thought the hurricane was going to blow you away) I did always like our outings when I was younger, until Erica got all crazy possessive....but that is ok. I love how you love my babies so much. I am glad that you can see them grow up. So on this day to you I am glad to have you as my daddy. :) Happy Fathers Day!