Monday, June 27, 2011

Dining known as the play room

So we had a formal dining room in the front of our is nice, but it only got used once or twice a year.....even if that much. So for a while now I had just thought we could move the nice table into the kitchen (and get rid of the super cheap one) and make the old living room into Jeremy's play room. Well I moved the table out of there and cleaned the carpets (Scooter was using that room as a personal bathroom...well he uses anywhere really but that room was bad since I dont go in there that often) I will move his tv in there as well that is in his room. I told him no more tv and he seemed ok with the idea. That will clear room up in his room which will be nice. I am excited that all of this is finally getting done. Even though I had to do it myself.... Jared just wasnt doing it quick enough....(I think a few months is to long lol)