Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New bathroom ideas

So Jared took a shower... I walked in the bathroom to chat with him, also I was following Westin in there. I was picking up some paper off the floor, and before I could even grab him, Westin grabbed my Jamberry nails bag and threw it. Which proceeded to make everything inside fly out with mass force. The black nail lacquer I had busted all over the floor. I seriously could not even function at this point. It got on the tile, on the wall, on the floorboard. EVERYWHERE....and BLACK!!! I luckily got it off the tile and floorboard ok, but the wall just smeared and if it did come off it took the paint off with it. Soo we now will have to paint the bathroom. We were thinking maybe turquoise and grey. It will probably not be anytime soon, but it will happen.