Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Laundry Room Options

So when I went to Lowes earlier today, I picked up paint choices for the laundry room. We are going with orange/coral.

So there are the ones I liked best, and I gave the choice to Jared and the boys.

Now on this one I like the Orange Slice (middle one)

One  this one I liked the Autumn Enchantment (first one)

Now this one was just bright lol, Jeremy liked this one.
I think in the end Jared wants the Autumn Enchantment. I was very happy with that choice, but we still are not set in stone. What do yall think?? I would love opinions. I will have a navy modern tile rug that will go in here as well. Navy looks good with either coral or orange so all would  blend nicely together.