Saturday, August 11, 2012


So I kind of dropped of the face of the earth there. Sorry guys! I guess I just got super busy and did not even think to update over here. Everything is going good over here, I am 17 weeks pregnant at the moment and will do an update when I hit 18 weeks on Tuesday. I will find out what this little baby in my tummy is on Tuesday as well. I can not wait!! I have no hunches so far. I have dreamed both boy and girl so I have no intuition this time.

Jeremy starts school on the 27th, and I am excited for him as well and sad that he is getting bigger. He has all of his school supplies ready to go and his uniforms as well. I just need to wash them.

Jackson is still a crazy baby and is a giant tornado that tears up the house. He is just so darn cute though and when he smiles at you you cant even be mad at him.

Well I just wanted to pop in and give a quick update and will try to keep this up from now on :)