Monday, June 23, 2014

Sickness everywhere!

So when I last talked about the babies being sick....ha it got so much worse. Jackson has a bad headcold. Westin was just teething horribly. Now then I got a horrible upper respiratory infection that came on fast. It started Thursday night. I could taste it. I think only people that get them  often or have bad asthma will understand that. The next morning I could hardly breathe. Now doctor visit and 5 prescriptions later, I am slowly getting better. Well the only  downside to all of the meds is thst I can't sleep. In the past 48 hours I have only slept maybe 9. Its bad. Plus I have a lot of fluid and drainage behind my right ear that it felt as if someone jabbed a stick in there and ripped out my eardrum. That was fun. Well quick prayers for healing!