Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sick little ones

Westin has been teething something fierce. He had a fever the last two days, but has been fever free today. Jackson was up all night coughing and has been snotty and coughing all day. No fever. I gave him medicine to make him feel better. He has been snuggled on the couch all day and hasn't eaten anything all day. Poor thing must not feel good to not eat at all. Hopefully he will feel better soon.

I want to take the kids to do stuff, but 1) we have no money until next Friday and 2) they are sick.... Jared just went on a long stretch of nights so I will have to try my best to keep them all at bay while he sleeps.

I made Tater Tot Casserole for dinner tonight. It was delicious as it always is. Jeremy loves when I make it. Well they all do actually!! I make the recipe from the Duggar website. It is so easy and tastes wonderful.... It is attached here. Hopefully someone else will get good use from it!! :)